Still Life Extrapolation

Still Life Extrapolation

Artwork by Lynn Osepchuk

Still Life Extrapolation

I am an art educator wishing to continue my own personal growth in fine art which I’ve been doing since an early teen.

The work I’m submitting is a still life extrapolation that was done in a drawing course at The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Pa. in 2012.

With the extrapolation technique, that paper is covered with black charcoal and using a kneaded eraser, erased where the light hits all the objects in the still life. So, white is the brightest will show down to light, medium, and dark shades to make all the objects in the still life become two dimensional.

I would love to win this course to further my passion for drawing!

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  1. Norionview says:

    I think your work proves you to be an accomplished artist. I believe some people need a knee up to get started but once a person has established themselves, it is their responsibility to fund and continue to educate themselves. I certainly love your work but feel you should consider paying for the course and allow someone who is new or without the resources to win the scholarship.

  2. Ryan says:

    I’m proud of you for always climbing towards your dreams Mom, no matter what anyone says. You’re a great Mom and a hard worker, if anyone deserves to win, it’s you.

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