A Return to a Forgotten Dream

A Return to a Forgotten Dream


bacchus drawing

My name is Bronwen and I am a mother, teacher, artist and dreamer. Though I’m originally from South Africa I moved to Japan in 2005 with my husband following a year later. I work here are an assistant English teacher in elementary schools and have two beautiful children of my own.

I’ve been drawing since I was young, but always struggled with it. I didn’t realize it at the time but I have some very strong leanings towards neo-classical and realist styles so I would get very frustrated with myself when I couldn’t reproduce what I saw.

In high school I took art as one of my classes but my teacher and I got on very badly. She was very much an abstract art person while I would stare at a Jackson Pollock painting thinking, “I don’t get it.” Impressionism and Expressionism always felt unfinished to me, like someone had forgotten to go in and add all the details. At the time the teacher told me that an artist was not a camera so trying to faithfully re-create what we saw was futile and worthless. Somewhat dejected with this whole outlook and thinking that this was what ‘modern art’ was all about, I went to university to major in classical studies and drama instead of going to art school.

Recently I’ve found myself interested in creating art again, especially when I discovered the Art Renewal Center and found other modern artists working on realistic styles that I found spectacular. I don’t regret not going to art school. I don’t think I would have had the patience for it at eighteen. Now I’m older, wiser (I hope!) and with more patience to work on my technique.

This drawing is called ‘Young Bacchus’ and is of the Roman god of wine and celebration. He is also a seasonal god, and one of rebirth. He symbolizes new beginnings and brave adventures. He is a representation of my classical background and my joy at bringing the past to life in our minds.

With two children and the high cost of living in Japan I don’t have extra money to spend on purchasing this course for myself. It seems like too much of a personal indulgence when there are school uniforms to buy etc. But I do want to improve. I want to get proper training to improve my art and hopefully be able to sell myself and go into creating art full-time.

Thank you for your time, support and kind words!

All the best,

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  1. Theresa Largusa says:

    The drawing conveys hopefulness and youth, but I’m pulled in by the contemplative mood. Young Bacchus knows how much we rely on new beginnings to complete our journeys. Excellent piece, Bronwen!

  2. Alaric Zhu says:

    I’m particularly enamored by the shading, especially in the hair and on the cloth. There’s a melancholy to the boy god’s expression, and the background and generally moody colouring really emphasizes and enforces that. Nice piece.

  3. Jeff Deck says:

    Good fortune with your art aspirations. I like the humanity present in the face of this subject. In general, I admire realistic artistic style, and would love to see it make a comeback.

  4. dorsalstream says:

    I, too, like the boy’s melancholy expression, as if he’s looking down and past all things.

    Nicely done, and I wish you luck!

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