Still life drawing by Scott

Still life drawing by Scott

Artwork by Scott, Drawing Academy student


Graphite pencil on paper

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  1. Anthony Wakefield says:

    This drawing is amazing. I would love to have your grasp of perspective, as well as rendering. I bought some white styrofoam shapes at the art store to practice with. I can never figure out how to get my initial measurements correct on the angles of the planes so that I can determine the accurate vanishing point for each object. Could I ask how you do this?

    Also, no matter where I moved the lamp, I could not get the shadows to do what our lessons told me they should. I never saw any reflected light on the objects dark sides. Were you able to see all of that, or did some of it come from what you already knew about light? I am finally starting to see perspective clearly, but I am afraid I am never going to be able to see correct tones or shades for rendering. I look at these objects for long periods of time trying to see it, and I can’t distinguish any more than a light and dark side.

    Great drawing, thanks for sharing.

  2. Scott Rodger says:

    I placed the items on a white sheet of paper, which gave me very defined shadows. The light was a table lamp perched on some books to give height, and it seemed to work ok for me.

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