Hungry for art knowledge!

Hungry for art knowledge!

Artwork by Garrick Marchena

I’ve been drawing since a very small age. Ever since I can remember.

I believe it was my mother, a very talented seamstress, who inspired me to draw. i remember being so small barely looking over the table and watching her as she was sketching out the models wearing the wedding dresses she designed. While all the kids in my neighborhood were outside playing I was drawing in my sketchbook. This the only place I could feel safe and confident.

At first I did a lot of fantasy drawings making up stories. Then I started drawing my favorite cartoon characters Batman and Superman. At the age of 14 I took a chance and drew my uncle and cousin while they sat in front of me. Somehow I had enough courage and I was certain I could do a good job.

From then on I kept drawing and got better and better. I drew people sitting in front of me or I drew from pictures, I didn’t matter. But I never took my skill serious. Always considered it just a hobby.

It was finally in 2005 when I first took what I consider to be my very first formal art training ever. A 5 day intensive airbrush workshop where I learned color theory and many other techniques. But it wasn’t until the end of 2008 when I started taking my skills more seriously and started painting on canvas and murals.

Till this day I still paint and draw and I try to take advantage of as many opportunities I can get to improve on my knowledge and learn new techniques. One of my passions is to study the way the old masters used to work. My dream is to make a living doing what I love so much and be able to pass this knowledge over to as many people as possible.

Hungry for art knowledge

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  1. tammyt says:

    Crazy talented and very down to earth artist – a visual master who shares his art with the whole community of Curacao through his mesmerizing murals!

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