Son Pencils

Son Pencils

Story and artwork from Esero Nalyong

My name is Esero Nalyong AKA Son Pencils, a self taught male artist based in Uganda (East Africa), mostly majoring in portraits using charcoal and graphites on paper. I also do wall murals using mostly aerosol and emulsion.
I started art in 2019 after getting so inspired by you tube art tutorials, however I have never attended any art school.

To me, art is a medium of communication, a therapy tool especially murals. similarly I use it as a binding tool between different cultures, traditions, races, age groups and genders as I consider it to be a universal language which can be understood with ease.

Art aesthetic factor takes a great deal in life too. places adorned with art pieces are always lively and make life seem more conducive than any thing else.

In art, I always have emotional changes as it calms down my emotions, helps me interact with others at ease and silently. I have also discovered that painful and joyful moments of my life can be best captured and stored artistically.

I want to learn portraiture and human anatomy

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