Scared of bubbles

Scared of bubbles

Artwork by Marie Kearns Mc Kay

Artwork by Marie Kearns Mc Kay< I am from Ireland, co Cavan to be exact. I have attended art college over the years on a part time basis. I still draw in between work and hanging out with my grandchildren. I hope to do more when I eventually retire. I had trained in portraiture years ago and always strive to get a good likeness of the person. I would also be inclined to paint more in a manner that is realistic. I love the Drawing Academy because its the type of work I want to achieve. I have signed up to the oil painting video course and feel it is time for me to study more on how to draw figures and to refine any skills I have within the study of portraiture.

I would love to win this competition because it would tell me that I am doing ok and on the right course and that I should continue to draw as I sometimes wonder if my work is good. times are changes and tastes are changing all the time, so I don’t know what is in fashion in regards to art currently. so I hope I am also in vogue.

I hope people vote for me because I work hard and try to be the best that I can and I would like to think that my work would bring enjoyment to people.. or that my work would be nice to look at.

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