Reverie Addict

Artwork by Qing Yang

Since young, I have been bestowed with a gift of visualizing almost everything I hear, smell, and sense and thus it took me a long time to fix the leaky boundary between reality and reverie. Admittedly, this uncontrollable power brought to my childhood many obstacles like minor dyslexia, but it also set me free when I was physically or mentally trapped in an unpleasant situation.

The world in my eyes is too miraculous and capricious to be rendered in any other way than painting and this is the very reason why I have kept drawing stubbornly even after my own father yelled at me, “You are not the material!” I haven’t had a chance to receive any formal artistic education but I’ve been inspired by so many remarkable and respectful artists who share the same obsession with arts. To bring out my reverie onto paper is my dream. Or rather, it is my mission.

Art, as I conceived, is more alive and dynamic than static and its interpretation is subject to change according to the viewer. Hopefully, my arts can waken their viewers’ forgotten feelings, memories, and dreams.

I love oil painting but I can’t afford going to an art school and it’s a practice too complex and delicate to learn all by myself. That’s why it would be highly appreciated if you could help me to get the access to Drawing Academy’s lessons. Thank you.

Reverie Addict

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    • Qing Yang says:

      Sang, thank you so much! I cannot be this brave to pursue my dream without the encouragement and support from nice people like you! I really mean it!

  1. Christopher Graper says:

    You are an exceptionally sensitive observer of the shimmering light and gentle contrasts contained within the imagination. 加油!

  2. Xiao Xue says:

    Qing,that is a great piece of work! Congratulations on your achievement! You impressed everyone with your perseverance and I am so proud of you!

    • Qing Yang says:

      Xiao Xue, thank you so much for the nice words! I might become homeless or die from poverty one day if I don’t become very very good soon, but I won’t regret. I cannot say that I’m not afraid when I quit my job but it’s something that I have to do. I have no choice. Sharing this basement with three other households is not desirable but as long as I have my pencil and brush in my hand, I feel happy and secured. Again, thank you and those who understand and support me all this time.

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