Art by Daniele Poltronieri

Art by Daniele Poltronieri

Thank you for the wonderful experience that enhances my ability, and increases the desire to grow further

I always thought of being able to draw in an acceptable way, but now I want to increase my level, and I find Drawing Academy is the answer to my wishes.

It changed the way I see and observe, the ability in the hatch, the desire to draw from life, the study of anatomy, and I made mine the principle to draw what i know, not just what i see.

Certainly increases my know-how, and working in the field of advertising and graphic design, photography and communication, it definitely will get huge benefits.

I certainly recommend it to all the people who for many reasons want to learn the art of drawing.

Your course is made very well, and I think I will enroll early in the course of painting, hoping the same professionalism and efficiency.


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