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Story and artwork from Lavender

I’m an Art Lover. For me, Art is like my dearest friend, with whom I have spent most of the time as a child. I always used to draw and play with colors, people admired my art, but I was not good at drawing. With an accurate drawing, the painting will be more apparent, as drawing is like a foundation.

I wanted to learn the basics of drawing so that I could be capable to draw properly even from my imagination, but I couldn’t afford a drawing class. As I grew older slowly, I stopped spending time with my best friend.

Recently, I connected with my best friend again, and I realized how much I love spending time doing Art, it still makes me happy and feels better, but I’m still troubled at drawing. As I was searching online to learn the basics of drawing, now many resources are available but not in one place.

I came across the Drawing Academy short videos on YouTube; they are very simple to learn from, but the videos are limited. This course includes all the resources I’m looking for in one place that will aid me to grasp the basics of drawing and reignite my spark for art.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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