Raga’s Artworks

Raga's Artworks

Hi, my name is Raga.

I’ve been drawing from a very young age. I made art because it made me and my parents happy and as I grew, I received many compliments and critiques which were really encouraging me to keep on improving. I will be an animator and an illustrator. And my parents supported my decision. I’m taking art seriously and practicing regularly, and learning a lot from other great artists on the internet.

I wanted to have a strong foundation of art skills, so that I can justify my ideas, visions and thoughts through my art. That’s why I want to win the Drawing Academy course

If you vote for me, I will be really encouraged and will make me motivated to keep going.

I really didn’t enter the competition to win, I just wanted to have an exposure to the art world. But if you have voted, I’m really thankful.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

Please vote for me by sharing this page:

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