Questions to Academy Tutors

Questions to Academy Tutors

Questions from Janice

  • Are the lesson assignments different than the content of the lesson? If so, is there a sample of the assignments given with each lesson?
  • If the assignment is the actual content of the lesson, is there reference material that can be referred to complete the assignment?
  • Is there an example of the type of critique provided when submitting lessons to you?

Answer from Drawing Academy Tutors

Our approach is very flexible. You can do proposed assignments (optional) or work on your own creative projects, we will support you and provide critiques and feedback either way.

Artworks for critique can be submitted online or via email. You will get a response from tutors within 24 hours.

As every student has different skills and needs, we tailor our support to you. This is unlimited and provided for a lifetime at no extra cost.

Question from Bonnie

Questions to Academy TutorsI have been using a sketchbook for my drawings, but I’m now thinking about trying to actually draw something that might be framed.

an you give any information on what paper size I should start with so that it will fit in a standard frame?

Answer from Drawing Academy Tutors

There are many sizes of frames out there. What you need to keep in mind that a drawing can be smaller than a frame, the rest could be covered by a ‘picture mount’.

Such a picture mount will make a drawing look better when framed.

You can search online for how to frame drawings properly.

Question from Gale

Can one replay each lesson over and over until one is able to fully understand and accomplish the given task?

Answer from Drawing Academy Tutors

Yes, you can play drawing video lessons as many times as you need. Your membership will be for a lifetime.

Question from Susan

Questions to Academy TutorsI am enjoying the videos and am so excited to have the opportunity to learn these ‘secrets’ that are making things come together for me after so many years of struggling on my own without having had any instruction! Can you advise what techniques can be used to transfer a drawing from one sheet of paper to another?

Answer from Drawing Academy Tutors

The easiest way to transfer drawing from one piece of paper to another is by placing two sheets on a window or light-box and drawing over.

Another way is to use tracing paper. Just trace outlines, then turn tracing paper over and trace the same outlines in graphite pencil once again, then put this drawing on top of watercolor paper and trace once again. You can see similar technique in the Principessa lesson.

Question from S.N. Evans

Question from S.N. EvansI’ve been looking over your website quite a while and I’m seriously thinking about enrolling. I do have some questions and I don’t mean to seem argumentative.

I watched your video about not making photo-realistic drawings from photographs and I tend to strongly agree. However, my question is: how is making a drawing of a bust, live model or a work of an old master, portrayed on a video lesson, any different that making a drawing from a photo? It would seem they are both “photo” images, so to speak. I can see how you instruction on techniques would be highly instructive and appreciate the quality of what I’ve seen so far. Thank you, S.N.

Answer from Drawing Academy Tutors

Please refer to the following articles that describe the best way to learn from video lessons:



In short, you do not copy what you see in videos. Instead, you learn practical information presented in videos and apply it in your own creative projects.

Question from Phil

I have recently subscribed to the site and have begun to work through the videos. I’ve got a couple of questions that I couldn’t see answered in the FAQs, if you would be so kind as to advise me that would be great.

  • This might sound like an obvious question – but am I supposed to follow along with the drawing lessons? They move along incredibly quickly, and I have often barely put pencil to paper before most of a line drawing in the video is complete. Pausing helps but I lose track easily. I’m finding them challenging to follow along with so wondered if in the early stages they were more just quick demos rather than detailed tutorials?
  • During the first month, how long would you recommend spending on one video? And how long for practicing a certain concept or technique?

Answer from Drawing Academy Tutors

Please download the assignments document, which is available on Dashboard (the first page after login). It explains how to use the course and also gives a list of suggested assignments.

As far as how long to spend on every topic, it depends on your current level and speed of learning.

Perfecting drawing skills is not a three-month project, but a lifelong process. So, take your time and get the confidence you need in every step. You will feel if you have enough skills for a particular task or need to spend more time practicing it.

Do not rush. Gaps in education will eventually force you to start again, so it is better to go slowly but surely.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, we will be happy to help.

To your creative success,

Natalie-Richy-avatarKind regards,
Natalie Richy and Vladimir London
Drawing Academy tutors

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