Questions about the Drawing Course

Questions about the Drawing Course

Questions from Gabriel Tapia

Dear Drawing Academy Tutors,

I am very interested in taking your online course. I already read the FAQ section, but I still have some questions:

1. I admire classical drawing and I would really like to learn more about this topic. Nevertheless, I am rather used to a more “stylized” way of drawing (like the one you can find in American and Japanese comic books) since one of my main goals is to become a comic book artist. Is this course appropriate for me?

2. What kind of materials do I need?

3. If I decide to choose assignments, do I have deadlines for them? How long do I have to submit my assignments? (This information will be very helpful for me to organize my time.) Do these assignments have an additional cost?

4. Is there an additional cost for the “personal critique” service?

5. Does the Diploma of Excellence awarded after the course completion have international recognition?

6. Do you offer painting lessons as well? I would like to learn to paint with different types of paint media, in addition to oil painting.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,

Gabriel Tapia
Ecuador – South America

Answers from Vladimir London and Natalie Richy
Drawing Academy Tutors

Dear Gabriel,

Many thanks for your questions.

1. In the Drawing Academy course, you will learn the fundamental principles of drawing that are the must-have skills for any style you chose to draw in – traditional, realistic or stylized comic book style.

Such principles include rules of perspective, rules of composition, rules of golden proportions, constructive drawing, human anatomy and proportions of a human figure, the charoscuro principles and so on.

These are the universal canons that direct and influence the creation of all types of artwork. For example, the knowledge of golden proportions will help you to make better compositions and well-proportioned artworks. It doesn’t matter what style you create in (realistic or even abstract), the Golden proportion can be applied to any work of art.

2. When it comes to materials, if you have a pencil or two and a piece of paper you are ready to start. As you see from the point above, the fundamental principles of drawing can be applied with any medium of your choice. You can draw in graphite pencil on paper or with a stick on sand; the rules of perspective or golden proportions will remain the same.

In the course, you will also see video lessons on how to draw in colored pencils, charcoal, pen and ink, and in silver-point. All these mediums are optional and you can decide later if you want to try such materials.

Here’s one secret from a traditional drawing school that art suppliers don’t want you to know: you can develop great drawing skills by learning to draw with just few graphite pencils. When you have good skills, you can apply them in any medium you might choose.

3. Drawing Academy assignments are available for your benefit. They are optional, and you are able to do your own creative projects in lieu of our suggested topics. In all cases, Academy tutors will support you and advise on how to improve your drawing skills.

There are no deadlines, no time pressure. You will have a lifetime access to the drawing course and can learn at your own pace.

Assignments are available at no extra charge.

4. The “Personal Critique” service is unlimited and provided for a lifetime at no additional cost. Drawing Academy is unique in this respect; you will not find any other art college or university where you can study art as long as you want for a one-time low fee.

5. The Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence commemorates your achievement of completing the course.

Regarding the international recognition, the skills that you will gain in earning the Diploma itself will serve your creative career better than any piece of paper. With your experience and talent, you will create better art, get commissions, and achieve personal recognition. Your success truly depends on you.

6. Yes, we offer a painting course where you can discover traditional oil painting techniques – //

We hope these answers were helpful. Please let us know if you have any other questions, and we will be happy to help.

Natalie-Richy-avatarKind regards,
Natalie Richy and Vladimir London
Drawing Academy tutors

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  1. Tom Bolt says:

    I cannot think of any course on line or private in an atlier or and a University other than maybe the Repin Art School based in a few countries. I consider this to be a $1,000,000 course of which you pay a such a tiny cost. I personally collected soda cans and beer cans to collect the money to do this course. I have some differences with the course but despite this I cannot think of a course of similar value that is jam packed with so many options available in it. To not take this course would be a waste of talent. No other course I have researched offers the value that the Drawing Academy does.
    Gabriel, it is not about the paper (Diploma, certificate, etc.) it is about the skills you develop. I have had two assignments given to me. Initially I thought to myself, “How dumb and simple, any high school dope can do this”. Turned out it has been a deeply valuable skill to develop, like music scales to a musician, scales I had to learn as a musician, basics, fundamentals. I never conceived that Art would have anything like this but they do. It is a challenge and a beast to conquer albeit, some manage to accomplish them quickly. Make the commitment Gabriel. Seriously, you will not regret it.
    Best of Fortune to you.

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