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Positively Blooming

Positively Blooming

Story and painting from Michelle Peters

I am a self-motivated and self-taught artist from South Africa. Art in its many forms has always had the ability to captivate me and transport me to a place where time stands still. Since I can remember, I have always felt an intrinsic need to create and share beautiful works of art, which is apparent in the many pieces of my artwork shared as gifts for my family and friends.

I draw my inspiration from being immersed in nature, historical buildings, art galleries and museums in my home country and other countries that I have had the privilege to visit. I reflect this in my art pieces and believe this aligns with the Drawing Academy’s vision of portraying the beauty and meaning of life.

My challenges are centered around my proportions of the human anatomy and my shading techniques are not as realistic as I believe they could be.

The Drawing Academy is the perfect place for me to begin my journey to becoming a professional artist as the tutors Vladimir London and Natalie Richy are passionate about teaching traditions of the Old Masters. Their professionalism and dedication is reflected in their personal art pieces and the references that they have received from many.

Winning the Drawing Academy course will give me the opportunity to immerse myself in an art enriched environment that will allow me to grow my talent and take my art to the next level. Another important reason relates to my passion to empower youth. Should I win the Drawing Academy course I would volunteer my time and share my newly acquired skills and experience with youth who have similar interests in art.

People should vote for me because I think everyone deserves a chance to fulfill their dreams and this is mine.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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