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Artwork and story from Anika Tabassum

My name is Anika Tabassum and I love art. I’ve been drawing since i was little.i love exploring different mediums and art styles. Art has a special place in my life. For me , art is therapeutic and a form of escapism. I sometimes, express my emotions through art. Although I’ve been drawing since ages, I’m constantly stuck because of my lack of understanding the fundamentals. It hinders my progress making me greatly demotivated. Moreover, I constantly face many challenges, especially in perspective, drawing anatomy etc.

I’ve stumbled across drawing academy videos in youtube and they have been very helpful. Furthermore, as an aspiring artist the lessons by drawing academy would be immensely helpful for me to learn art properly. The lessons on fundamentals from beginner to advanced level would help me overcome my challenges – helping me create better artworks. And critique from professional artists would show me my mistakes and how to correct them. Additionally, it would help when I learn animation. In short, winning this competition would be a dream come true.

I really want to learn more about art and it is my passion.
Thank you

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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