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Portrait of Suvi

Portrait of Suvi

Painting by Swapnil Jagtap

My name is Swapnil Jagtap. I’m a 24-year-old and I live in India. I’m doing drawing and Paintings since I was 8 years old as a hobby and I think I’m now becoming good at it so I wanted to turn my hobby into my profession.

I cannot live without art. Let me rephrase. I could but I don’t want to. I feel it’s the only thing that makes me really happy but also it makes me feel stressed, nervous, every work is hard to do and that makes me feel alive. It’s a good stress.

Sometimes I hear people say to me when I told them I’m an artist, “oh, how lucky you are, I wish I could do that”. They don’t realize it’s also stressful and hard and requires a lot of patience and dedication, no, they just see it in an idealistic way. But as stressful as it can be, it’s the only thing that makes me feel good about myself and where I think I’m good at. Let’s explain that better. I’m EXTREMELY insecure about what I do. I never feel anything is good enough, but with art, I have learned that I’m good at this. Well, I don’t really believe it but I try to believe and sometimes I think I am good.

I want to learn the basic principles of art. Start from how to hold and use a pencil. I think I am good at it but still, I wanted to know if I’m doing it wrong and I would like to learn many more things like,
how to draw human anatomy?
How to draw perspective?
How to render using a pencil?
How to draw from life?
and so much more.

As far as I know, Drawing Academy is the best art education platform that aims to provide high-quality content at a low cost. I also have experience with two other courses – Old Masters Academy and Anatomy Master Class after watching videos from there what I have seen, I find the instructors of this courses are highly talented and professional in both teachings as well as patiently answering the frequently asked questions from the students.

I would like to win the Drawing Academy course to learn proper drawing techniques and methods that The Old Masters were using.

I guess the Drawing Academy is the right place to get all that I need. I would be grateful if my people will vote to me and become part of my success.

About the attached Artwork: I did this painting from life on paper using Acrylic colors.

Portrait of Suvi

Thank you.:)

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    • Swapnil Jagtap says:

      Thank you, Yes I painted this painting using acrylic colors on paper.
      Thank you for your vote though.

  1. Kate says:

    Good luck, Swapnil! I’ve shared this on FB, Twitter (2 accounts) and LinkedIn. I hope you win. I’m inspired by your commitment and drive.

  2. Evan says:

    Just voted for you and sharing this post with my friends, I hope my votes will help you to win. Keep working and learning more.

  3. Akarsh jadhav says:

    I met this guy in the shopping mall and he shows me his sketchbook full of awesome sketches and paintings in it. He is just awesome and I hope my vote will help him and he wins this competition.

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