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Portrait drawing by Peter Bex

Portrait drawing by Peter Bex

The art of life drawing, the life of drawing

I’m an artist and an art director living in Chicago. I’ve been drawing since being a little boy in upstate NY, and an AD for 30 years.

I draw because I love it and it was a gift given to me by my father’s side of the family. I’ve always been good at it.

The challenges I face are how to make a living drawing and having missed taking any anatomy classes in art school, all the bones and muscles. I’ve tried to teach myself as best I can but know that without that fundamental base knowledge, I can only go so far.

The Drawing Academy would be a perfect opportunity for me to educate myself more about the human body, it’s skeletal and muscular systems.

This is the main reason I would like to win this, I work at a coffee shop and make very little money and so I can’t afford to go back to an art school.

Portrait drawing by Peter Bex

I hope people vote for me because they feel as though I can benefit from this and be doing drawings/paintings that could look much better. I’m 59 years old and would like to be a better artist before I can’t use my hands anymore. I do have more samples if you or anyone is interested. Thanks for reading.


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