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Portrait drawing by Krystal Brown

Portrait drawing by Krystal Brown

Polishing the Rubicon or Upgrading the Matrix

I’m a half centurion working daily to improve my mind, my art and my physique. I believe it’s never to late to improve. It’s never to late to start. If I can change my physical appearance (at an advanced age) by targeting certain muscle groups with weighted time under tension then it’s never to late to learn what has been lacking from my education as an artist.

Time with instruction based on classicism. The desire to absorb it all and disseminate it in my own unique way. Can’t help but change the resulting product of my work. There is no magic pencil or pill. There is only a desire to learn and work for what changes we want to see happen. I’m ready to work and I know sharpening this drawing tool is essential to my art. Just as essential as weights are to body building.

On any given day you will find my vehicle loaded with every needful thing. I can stop and paint at any moment or go work out? My sketch book accompanies me to church and it may even find its way into the gym. Heaven knows there is a lot of reference for the artist there.

I’m a good draftsman but I know I can improve. I need too! It’s the same with fitness. If we only work the bicep we will have great biceps but the lack everywhere else will be painfully obvious. We have to stretch ourselves and mix things up to grow and develop further.

Solidity in my knowledge of the human form is critical if I’m ever going to create the paintings in my head….and there are a lot of them taking up limited cerebral space! They need to be let out and realized. Drawing is the basis of all good art in my opinion. This foundation is key and can’t be faked.

I love anatomy and want to know it from the inside out… to see a pose and know how the skeleton and musculature is contributing. To identify its influence to what is in front of me. An instructor of mine in college said about one of my watercolor figures, “it lacks bones”. He was right. I hated it, but he was right. That was long ago but deeply embedded in my mind. No boneless figures for me!

I injured my knee running 5 years ago and joined my first gym ever. I did it just to ride the bike. That event opened up a whole new world to me. The gym and weight lifting allowed me to create a different body for myself and I believe this drawing academy training will allow me to realize the art my life is moving me to create.

Sure I can keep working and creating but I want more! I was fine with my old physique. I was healthy and fit but I love the results that came with new knowledge and it’s application. The drawing academy has the classic training that I’ve never had an opportunity to get. I’m confident that the knowledge I will gain from it will be life changing as well!

Winning the Drawing Academy course would be wonderful as all my resources are gobbled up so quickly just sustaining life and art and proper nutrition. The free sample classes have me hooked and I need the whole enchilada! (I’ve got an enormous appetite!) And let’s just admit it… winning is awesome! Now if we got a sweet trophy with the course, no wait! An anatomically correct skeleton! Yea that would be the ultimate addition to the priceless knowledge that will be gained.

Every competition is subjective. Some times you win! Sometimes you need the win more than you realize. But you will never win if you don’t enter.

I prepared for my fitness competitions. Did everything I could to fit the criteria that was desirable. Presented the best possible package so to speak. And got the best possible outcome.

I’m hopeful for the best possible outcome here as well. If you are still with me on my little tale of anatomical love and art, I appreciate you. I’d appreciate your vote as well!

Evidencing fine taste and a hunger for refinement in representational art and form are what will follow you when you vote for me … as well as all you wildest dreams coming true! Or at least mine.

Portrait drawing by Krystal Brown

Thank you for believing old dogs can still learn new tricks. Not that I’m a dog or old but you understand the reference. It’s never to late or to soon to start.

See you in two dimensions.
Krystal W. Brown


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