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Artwork by Vasty Figueroa Fabregas

Artwork by Vasty Figueroa Fabregas

Dreams, Hope and Future

My name is Vasty Figueroa Fabregas, I began to draw a long time ago, I love the freedom that drawing provides. Art is essential in my life, I need it that’s why I set the goal to draw every single day, even if I am tired because of regular work or school.

The major challenges I face in art, I think are economic, lack of resources, also, I need more knowledge about what materials to buy depending on what I want to do.

I want to learn all the techniques, I love to watch YouTube videos, and I love to observe how the artist work. I need some guide to achieve what I want. When I was in College I took a class, I worked very hard every single day, and I completed 300 drawings, later I wanted to take a 3d design class and a painting class but I was not allowed because of the amount of credits. One professor told me I didn’t need any of them if I wanted to make art. Still today I wander what did he meant, on the other hand I observed how he was helping out other students that fact, really crushed me.

I think Drawing Academy could be a good opportunity to sharpen my drawing skills.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course Because, I want to learn more.

Artwork by Vasty Figueroa Fabregas

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