Portrait drawing by Gerhard Prinsloo

Portrait drawing by Gerhard Prinsloo

Pencil Portrait of Phibi

At school I loved to draw, so much so that my grades suffered. My reference and inspiration were mainly from picture library comics. After school I studied commercial art, and after graduating I worked as a display artist at a museum for two years. But then my career path changed and I ended up doing a job that had nothing to do with art.

Art, however, always evokes pleasure and frustration in me. I look at drawings and paintings and other pictures and yearn to be able to express my desire to create too. Here and there I drew pictures, but I was mostly dissatisfied with the results.

I am now 69 years of age and went on pension a year ago. I was very excited to be able to spend much more time on my passion for drawing. I didn’t even think about painting as I know nothing about it, and am quite afraid of it. So I started drawing figures, which were terribly disappointing. The proportions were off and I had no idea of how we are put together, how our bones are structured and where muscles started and ended.

I searched the Internet for advice and guidance and eventually stumbled upon the Anatomy Master Class. That was exactly what I was looking for! I enrolled in the Anatomy Master Class and enjoyed it thoroughly. Vladimir’s teaching, explanations and demonstrations are really clear, concise and apart from the anatomy lessons one also learns from his drawing skills. I have a much better understanding of anatomy which I now apply in my drawings.

But I am now on to a new challenge. I realized that my drawing skills really needs a lot of attention. I think I have a basic idea of what should be done, but again my results does not satisfy me.

Now, the Drawing Academy is the answer. I would like to benefit again from from Vladimir’s and also Natalie’s teaching, experience and expertise to help me over the next hurdle. The lessons are again of a very high standard, clear and comprehensive and what I really need and want.

I would like to win the Drawing Academy course to help and guide me to obtain better drawing skills and to really become the artist I would like to be. I also enjoy teaching and would love to share what I have learned with others too.

I would love it if people could vote for me to be able to open the next chapter in my new art endeavor and satisfying my passion.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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