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Portrait drawing by Celena Amburgey

Portrait drawing by Celena Amburgey

WANTED: help to become a better artist

I am an adult student who took an interest in drawing after losing a loved one. I wanted so desperately to capture all the things a photo can not.

My passion for art has blossomed in to a joyful place where I am free.

I have had no formal training in art, but I have taken some classes and read lots of literature.

I want to learn more about anatomy and the small nuances of lines and transitions.

I think the Drawing Academy sounds very educating and is presented in a well structured format. I think the program would allow me to advance my drawing skills and I would appreciate you help by voting for me.

Portrait drawing by Celena Amburgey

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  1. Sharon Casstevens says:

    Celena is one of the most talented people I have met. She drew a picture of her Mother and it was Stunning! I thought it was real! I hope you will choose her for this contest. She has the ability and the passion! I know she can go far!!!
    Thank you,
    Sharon Casstevens!~

  2. Melody Josey says:

    Celena, you have talent that words can not express! I honestly thought you had taken classes before but to find out you took this up after losing someone is absolutely amazing! You have a rare talent, a rare gift from god… that many of of only dream for! I’ve always loved drawing and filled out a few of those pamphlets as a kid…drawing a turtle or a house, which I thought was great 😊, but never heard back! You should definitely win this because as amazing as you are now I can see your work being with millions! All my love and prayers for you to be able to follow your dream…something you can tell you have a passion for!!!


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