Please critique

Please critique

Drawings by Anna Festa

Just need some feedback. This is the first time I have drawn eyes looking down.


2014-05-04_536694b21838f_image.jpgI am having a hard time with 3/4 view.

It used to take me a few minutes to sketch a face out, but now I am taking it a little slower and trying to apply some of the rules you are have taught me, but frankly, I am getting lost. It takes me forever to get the proportions right. I am not sure how to measure the eyes so that they look proportional.

I know about the rule of thirds, but I can’t see it in 3/4 view.

I am pleased with what I turned out overall, though.

Feedback from Vladimir London, Drawing Academy Tutor

Dear Anna,

Thank you very much for your drawings. I like your artwork. The pieces look skilfully drawn, and I’m sure they resemble the models as well.

In regard to your question about eyes and proportions, I have to say that you did them quite well.

If you want to improve, you need to draw what you know rather than copying what you see.

anna-festa drawing

Let’s analyze the portrait. The girl’s head is tilted a bit to the left; her head is also turned slightly to the viewer’s left. From this perspective, the central line of the face will be tilted and curved to the left – I have marked it in green. Notice that the position of the nose (marked with a white shape) is shifted to the right side of the drawing. I would say that the eyes are positioned well; however, the nose gives an impression that the girl’s right eye is slightly further away than the left one.

Because the head is tilted, the horizontal lines of the mouth and the root of the nose will be tilted as well. In your drawing, these two lines (marked in red) are not parallel; a different tilt is required, which is marked in green.

There is another thing you may want to work on –drawing hands. Remember, you have to draw what you know about the hand’s anatomy. Each finger has three phalanges. It appears on your drawing that the 4th finger has four.

Your second drawing of the girl in 3/4 view has some minor proportion issues as well. You will be able to see them as soon as you draw a central line of the head.

These mistakes in proportions come from skipping essential stages of constructive drawing. In the Drawing Academy video lessons, I demonstrate a step-by-step sequence of how to draw portraits constructively. You may want to refer to those explanations.

When it comes to rendering, you don’t have to render every element of the drawing with the same attention to detail and with equal pencil strength. Your portraits will look more interesting and professional when you attract a viewer’s attention to whatever part you want to emphasize. The less important areas of drawing can be rendered with less attention. For example, your drawing treats every wave of hair with the same attention as the eyes and face.

Once again, thank you for your portraits. You did very well, and I’m very pleased that you want to improve further.

To your creative success,

Vladimir London
Drawing Academy tutor

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  1. Anna Festa says:

    Thank you. The minute you put a line on the drawing I see it, however, that is the trouble I am having. I have gone though the classes you have instructed and am trying to apply the principles but I don’t think I am getting it. I think I am confusing this with what I have learned in the past. for instance, you show the drawing of the eyes on the line. I learned in the past that you draw the line below that line, half that line for the nose and half again for the lips. As far as 3/4 view, I know that the distance is still 1/3 distance between, but when you go to measure the turned head, how do you measure that. Can you do some additional classes on foreshortening as well as 3/4 view? I spent several hours on the 3/4 view head. I had made so many mistakes I almost threw it out. I had to literally. Break the object up into spheres to see it. I really appreciate the critique. You made my day.

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