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PAMPA BANERJEE (oil portrait)

PAMPA BANERJEE (oil portrait)

Artwork by Bibaswan Chakrabarty

PAMPA BANERJEE (oil portrait)

Hi, I am from India and do pursue my hobby aided by guidance from various sources. I haven’t developed any style depicting my individuality..the only element I do try to exhibit is realism.

I do like contemporaries but yet its not my field of work.. I am a college student and I do nurture my skills whenever possible…its a great source of pleasure when my artworks turn out to be good. I have a great interest in portrait painting in classical styles and am greatly inspired by Web Art Academy in this context.

About my artwork:

The woman on the canvass is playing her tanpura (an old instrument used in Indian classical vocal) is my music teacher… year before this she had told me to paint this she gave me a photo and after a bit of research work (this was my third oil portrait) i did manage to present her, her wishes in material i should complement this with the fact that a half body portrait (I coundnt get a better technical description) of this size was my first attempt hope I have done justice as to my capability… :)

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  1. darlafong says:

    Beautifully executed. My favorite part of the painting is her hand. The silky look of her clothing is excellent too. I am impressed!

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