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Artwork by Mutale Kasonkomona

To be honest, I don’t even know where to start from. I’ve got too much to tell. So pardon me if I jump from point to point.

Am from Zambia and I live with my aunt and uncle. I love Art and it’s all I want to do in my life. Without it, I am lost. I can’t do any Art course because I cannot afford. My guardians would love to help but we do not have any Art schools in Zambia. So that means I have to go to another country that has and they cannot afford that either.

I was in an Art class in high school but they barely taught us anything. I’ve been drawing ever since childhood and Art just became part of me. But I face a lot of difficulties when I paint and draw because I luck fundamentals of drawing and academic painting. And the education that the Drawing Academy will provide; will help me become a great artist and in turn, help me support my family.

Please vote for me because this is the closest I will ever get to a high quality Art Education. I will truly appreciate. Oh and that’s me in the painting :-D . Showing that Art is all I do and it is me.

Artwork by Mutale Kasonkomona

Thanks a lot,
Mutale Kasonkomona.

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