Painting by Aaron Cristofaro

Painting by Aaron Cristofaro

A great chance to win the art course


My name is Aaron Cristofaro and I have been drawing and painting for a long time. Now I am 41 and I’ve been doing art more seriously for the last four years. The challenges that I still struggle with are the basics of drawing like making controlled lines etc because such skills were not taught when I was taking art lessons before.

I’m still a good artist though I need to polish a few things. I want to learn the classical approach to art and new techniques in oil painting.

I think the Drawing Academy is good because they teach you everything that you need to know to be a seasoned artist. I want to win the Drawing Academy because I want to improve my art skills.

I think that you should vote for me because I will have so much more to offer to the world.


Painting by Aaron Cristofaro

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