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Orlando city beautiful

Orlando city beautiful

Story and artwork from Raphael Grullon

I am a fine artist painting in oils and watercolors. This mediums fascinate me because the easy consistency of the colors. I love to paint landscapes which is a very powerful inspiration to see and feel the beauty of god and nature specially the trees, leaves and water on a lake or river.

The challenges are great because everyday is a different day of motivation and inspiration, therefore the Drawing Academy is a must for every fine artist.

Hopefully the greatest thing to accomplish will be a perfect selection in the academy course to help other aspiring artist.

Story and artwork from Raphael Grullon

I made this watercolor painting of my grandson. This was an inspiration to see the beauty of his face. The colors intrigue me to paint him the most natural as I could.

The Drawing Academy has a big impact on me to paint faces as I have seen other artist doing it.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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