Never to late for dreams

Never to late for dreams

Story and artwork from Elma Vermeulen

It is my dream to do art and do it good. Like they say ‘life happens’ and I could never fulfill my dream to become an artist. My name is Elma, I am a 63 years and I still believe in my dreams. Art was always part of my life, whenever I felt lonely or sad, I always reach for a pencil and paint. My big dream is to open my own art gallery and help our local artist to achieve their dreams earlier in life. I know with the help …. a lot of help… and tutoring of Drawing Academy I can reach my dream. I know that I am not so young anymore but now for the first time in my life I have time to do something about my dream. I know the course of Drawing Academy can help me in my journey. There are so many facets in art that I struggle with and that is why I would love to win this course that will help me from the first ‘baby step’ through to be proud of my artwork. Portrait painting fascinates me, and I would be so grateful to learn everything to create a realistic portrait painting.

For many months I search the internet for an online course but there is always something ‘missing’ till I discovered Drawing Academy. I instantly knew this is the course for me and here I could learn everything I need and that my art skills will improve drastically when I will be able to enroll.

When I look at the artwork of other students, I know just how much I must learn. I am eager, I have the love for art, and I have the time to give my utter best in this course. If you vote for me, you will help me to fulfill my life-long dream and be a steppingstone for other beginner artists that I could help when I can be part of the Drawing Academy family.

Many Blessing

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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  1. Elma says:

    What a great way to start my day! I want to thank God for this wonderful opportunity and thank Him for all my friends and family and unknown people who took the time to share my entry. Special thanks to my best friend Hantie Kruger who believed in me whenever I doubted myself and my sister Judy Britten for her ongoing support. Thank you, VLADIMIR AND NATALIE from DRAWING ACADEMY, this competition is such a great opportunity for artist to learn and improve their skills. To Ezra and Cindy, all the best to you. I can’t wait to start.
    Many thanks and may God bless you all.
    South Africa

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