Never stop learning

Never stop learning

Story and artwork from Jos Melmoth

The plastic arts, above all drawing, I have always experienced as a vital necessity. For this reason, when I finished high school, I entered the art school in my city. When I finished my studies in illustration and design, I continued to train in various artistic aspects until I discovered my passion for classical drawing, specifically the human figure. From that moment I focused on improving and continuing to study the figure, the nude. I believe that in art, day-to-day life is already a challenge and the enthusiasm to improve is the engine that makes these challenges overcome until creating works of art with their own identity. Consistency and dedication are key to achieving goals, but training is the foundation to build them.

The drawing of the human figure and artistic anatomy is what attracts me the most about drawing. I think it is the most beautiful and complex part of the arts. But I know that it is essential to continue learning every day to reach a dignified domain and a technique that allows me to advance in the dream of becoming a drawing artist.

Drawing Academy gives you the opportunity to continue training, at the rate that each one needs, in classical and academic knowledge that some make the mistake of ignoring. I would like to win the course to continue with a training that helps me improve my drawings, continue learning and, perhaps one day, be lucky enough to be able to offer something to the complex world of art.

Frankly, my wish is that they vote for me, but if I don’t get it, I know that with the great quality that I’m seeing from other participants on the web, someone else could get a great and well-deserved benefit from it to continue learning.

Whether you vote for me or not, thank you very much.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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