My life long quest of learning!

My life long quest of learning

Story and artwork from Paul Reeb

My name is Paul Reeb. I am almost 65 years old. I have had a career in commercial art for the past 40 years, however my true passion is studying the old masters and trying to perfect their techniques. I decided to take the Old Masters Painting class as a way to increase my knowledge of those techniques. The Old Masters Academy encourages drawing and painting from memory and imagination. I have enjoyed the painting course and would like to continue with the Drawing Academy.

I feel that learning is a lifelong practice. There really is no final point where a person is finished learning. I hope to continue this process and become the best artist that I can be.

The submission of this piece of art is part of a contest. The artist whose drawing receives the most votes will be entitled to a free drawing course. I would appreciate your vote so that I may take the Drawing Academy course class and continue my life long quest of learning and discovery.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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