Mike Fairless Art

Mike Fairless Art

Artwork by Michael Fairless

I studied art throughout my education, albeit in the wrong institutions. Had I known about Ateliers back then, I would have loved to pursue my artistic educational programme in this direction. I am now married to a beautiful woman and we have two beautiful children working full time for a financial institution.

My art is currently sporadic, I snatch a sketch where I can, or learn online or in books. This aside, I live and breathe art. Everywhere I look is an angle to imagine drawing, a person with great potential to draw or paint. I see shapes and shadows, colour and light that I paint with my minds eye.

I would love to be able to have a career in art, and this is a challenge, with a full time job and a family to help support. I need the skills to feel confident in showcasing my work and really promote myself to be able to kickstart a career. I would also like to have a decent portfolio to enable me to exhibit locally in shows and competitions.

I would love to develop my portraiture skills, both drawing and in oil painting which I am relatively new to. These are my loves.

Drawing Academy is a valuable resource for those who can afford it, to understand how to learn, in my opinion, in the ‘correct’ way. I would love to win the course as currently I could not afford to join which is a shame, as I am worse off as an artist without it. These courses are few and far between and physical classes don’t exist near me.

I would love to be voted for as hopefully my work will connect to others and show the potential I have for which the course would harness and allow me to enrich my artistic skills.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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