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Medea in The Fields

Medea in The Fields

From Gilberto Mello

Medea in The Fields

My name is Gilberto Mello, l live now in Houston, TX, but originally come from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despite my age (I won’t tell you!) I consider myself a young artist who seeks inspiration in nature as well as in man-made creations, such as cityscapes. I learned the drawing and painting of portraits in New York City; I find it very challenging and I try hard to hone my skills in every piece I make.

This one that I present here came from a picture posed by my niece (yes, I draw and paint from both live models and pictures), a recent graduate from acting school, posed in one of her character representations as Medea. I loved the pose and I decided to give it a try on canvas. I mostly did her face and upper body from picture. The rest, including background, grass and pic-nic sheet were fruits of my own imagination.

I am entering this contest because I enjoy what I learned from Web Art Academy and Drawing Academy, in fact Medea is the first work I do after my lessons from these two wonderful fine art courses. With all honesty, I don’t hope to win, but I truly hope to be noticed by other young artists and friends out there in the world.

Good luck to all!

G. Mello

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  1. giom says:

    this is a really nice piece of art. I like the visionary expression on the model’s face. She’s there but not really there, carried away to a distant past by the smoke of her cigarette (she’s definitely not a smoker, you can tell)

  2. Lorena says:

    Excellent job Gilberto! I like the expression of the girl! I think the cigarette on her hand makes the picture unique!
    Good luck!

  3. leonardo Ribeiro says:

    I loved this art, it is very deep and impressionistic, and of course, beautiful
    Leonardo Ribeiro

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