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Making people happy with art

Making people happy with art

Artwork by Aletta

Making people happy with art

Hi my name is Aletta, i’m 21 years old and obviously I love art!

Since I was little I always drew and painted. Now I am older I still do, and really want to be as best in it as i can be. That’s why I need this drawing course to improve myself. But as I am just graduated from college, I don’t have enough money to buy it. This is my only change to get this drawing course. So please be so kind to vote for me.

I think Drawing Academy is a great course you are offering, so people can improve themselfs & do what they love to do most.

I really want to be better and improve, be the best that I can be. I really think this course can help me with that.

I am a really nice person, who wants to improve my art skills, and really think this course is gonna help me with that. I wanna make people happy with my art. So please vote for me!



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