Mahmuda Sultana

Mahmuda Sultana

Hi, my name is Mahmuda Sultana. I am from Bangladesh. I am doing my honors in literature and linguistics. As a muslim I have regulation and not allowed to draw any living thing. So, while my family allow me to draw humans and animals, they think it won’t be good for me to get my degree on art. So even though art is my passion, I gotta treat it like hobby. Art is like yoga to me, whenever I’m having hard time.

I immerse myself in painting. It make me collect my thoughts and calm myself. As a rooky artist I like doing all kind of art but my dream is to become a artist like old masters.Thats why I like watching old master academy video on youtube, it helped me in many ways. Getting a degree in arts is very pricey and I don’t have my family’s support in this matter so I think it’ll be a dream come true for me if I get this course for free.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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