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Live to draw and draw to live

Live to draw and draw to live

Story and artwork from Edison Toapanta

My name is Edison Toapanta. I am participating in this competition to become a great artist and make drawing my way of life.

My purpose in wanting to be an artist is to be able to live from art, specifically from drawing because it is the only activity that I really enjoy, because it gives me a reason to think that I can also be incredible and move people with my work, well because makes my heart beat with great emotion. So I think it takes the second place among the most precious things for me after my family, after all it is what I want to dedicate my entire life to.

Two mainly, one is that many times it frustrates me when I see that my skills are not a great thing despite practice, I also have the defect of looking at the work of other professional artists and comparing myself with them, I am working not to fall for that. . My second challenge is to find an adequate education in art, at first I thought that only with YouTube and drawing books I could learn in a self-taught way, but it is more complicated than I thought.

EVERYTHING at least everything about drawing from life and imagination. But being a little more realistic I want to learn to draw portraits of people to earn some money and sustain myself while drawing manga (manga are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan), this second thing is complicated since at the moment I do not have the skills and the industry is very competitive but it is something I really want to do.

I think Drawing Academy is just what I need, since I have not seen anything like it since I am trying to find a place where I can learn to draw correctly, I am delighted with your videos on YouTube they really motivate me to want to obtain skills similar to tutors too I think that the videos on your website have very valuable material for a student like me who wants to learn from the basics, finally the support and opinion of the tutors to improve as artists seems to me the best.

Why do I want to win the Drawing Academy course? Because right now I can’t pay any of the memberships but I definitely want to gain great skills in drawing and fulfill my dreams, for this I fervently believe that I have to learn with Drawing Academy.

Why people should vote for me? Well I can’t think of any good reason and I don’t think I deserve to win more than any other contestant, but if you who are reading this decide to vote for me, I will be eternally grateful for changing the course of my life for the better.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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