Life Provides the Talent – You Provide the Effort

Life Provides the Talent - You Provide the Effort

Story and artwork from Jason O’ Donnell

Hi, my name is Jason. I am a self-taught artist based in Cork, Ireland.

Being self taught I have found that learning to draw and paint is easily the most daunting task i have ever undertaken. For the past few years I have given myself and my whole life to this task and there has rarely been a day in that time when I have not wanted to quit and just down tools and forge some other path that, for me, would be safer and feel a little more secure. I am a middle aged man. There are any amount of other more ‘conventional’ roads that I am more than capable and aptly qualified to pursue. I am not on my chosen path because there is no work out there, or that times are hard, or that the stars are not in alignment for me or even that life may have somehow dealt me a rough hand; I believe none of these things to be true. I have taken this road because for me to do otherwise would be to utterly betray myself, and in the course of my own lifetime I have to confess, I have done that far to often.

But yes, learning to draw and paint well is not easy, or at least I have not found it to be easy. And like most things worthwhile in life, the more you know the more you know you don’t know.

To win a membership to the online Drawing Academy would provide me with world class guidance in the form of traditional academic drawing techniques.

The instructors are at the top of their field in the world. The Drawing Academy approach is rooted in the tradition of the Russian masters. The traditional Russian Academic approach to drawing is one that I deeply respect and admire. I love its disciplined and concentrated approach.

I will be fifty years old next year. Quite simply, I know there is not enough time left for me to do all the work I would like to do – to share all the creative visions that want to be shared. But with a membership to the drawing academy, I am certain that I will be in a much stronger position to bring to life as much of these creative visions as is humanly possible.

By sharing this post and voting for me you will be helping me to bring these visions to life. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Jason O’ Donnell

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  1. Kirsty Hawthorn says:

    I love this drawing, good luck. Just to say I think the sharing needs to be from this page and not from individual facebook pages. I’m new to how this works!

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