life as canvas and teacher

life as canvas and teacher

Artwork by Denzil Baadjies

Artwork by Denzil Baadjies

One can only create by drawing from life itself, therefor life by extent becomes both canvas and teacher as long as you are an open minded student. We are all art and all of us are artists at heart.

As a young boy, I, as many who drew stick figures and characters with eyes too big and feet too small, dreamt of becoming an artist but this of cause faded as I allowed those who had little understanding of art to undermine its soul enriching value.

With these words they pulled bristles from my brush “an artist only becomes famous ones dead” as if creating any artwork means absolutely nothing until you die.

As we all know that validation to a child is of utmost importance, it tends to set you for life but ones you create to impress that is when your creative playground shrinks.

Despite this, through out my life, from primary school through college, the artistic side in me fought to have its day in the sun as I gradualy realised that I tend to out do the rest of my peers when it came to the artistic and esthetic aspect of things. Even when it came to CNC programming I described it to my lecturer as drawing with a different kind of pencil.

Then one day one of my friends drew something that changed everything, not that I can remember what it was or how well he drew it but it reactivated something I thought lost or just a nother phase. At the end of a moment that lasted for what must have been hours, there it was an uneasy looking piece of art. Then I just went ballistic as I drew faces all over the place. I took on the one aspect of art that simply roils me the wrong way. We keep at our failures in the pursued of mastery.

So I realised that artistic people are quite deferent from the rest, we can stand dead still to look at forever in a moment.

I think Drawing Academy realy brings the feel of an art school to every ones home especially for those who would have a difficult time participating in a full time class.

Winning the Drawing Academy course would mean that I would have a lifetimes worth of art mastery at my fingertips a lifetime of experience I could share and create with my own children.

What better reason to vote for me then simply helping someone fulfill a dream, some dreams we lose sight of other are taken but some remain because they where meant for us.

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