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Story and artwork from Yasin Monjezi

I’m Yasin. I went to military service for getting passport to apply for St.Petersburg academy of art because of my tendency of Russian methods of drawing in this period I discover Drawing Academy in instagram and know about your courses, I watched your short videos and persuade to take part in but unfortunately I can’t pay for it. Art and drawing have some magical sense in my life.every time I deal with art nothing else matters and I forget my daily problems, so I usually prefer to drawing in my daily life, but I prefer to improve it and make my artworks more real and constructive.

Personally I think Drawing Academy will greatly improve level of artists artworks and it would cause appearing of great new talented artist who ones couldn’t have good atmosphere for dealing with art.

If people do me a favor I won’t forget them and won’t disappoint them they can watch my improvements and undoubtedly I will draw around human beings.maybe my artwork influences the world.I have some issues that I wanna propound it exactly like a poem. Take my hand; I need your heart.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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