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Jones Art

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I am Jones Mwansa C.,

Art is my talent and I do it out of passion.

I want to learn more and more while am still young because All I can do is Art on earth. I do have challenges when it come to Anatomy and other skills that’s why I want to learn Art. I am A student but I want to upgrade from life drawing to paintings Or Masterclasses The reason why I want to win the competition is that I don’t have money to enrol to get these amazing Art lessons these can be my chance to Win a competition.

People should vote me so that they can help me to Win and To get More lessons About Art I can’t afford to pay For the courses but People can make it easy by voting me and i’ll be highly appreciated for the love and sweet support.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

Please vote for me by sharing this page:

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  1. Xulu Nation says:

    Talent is a God-given gift. Appreciate it, be humble and work hard. Fame is man-given. Be grateful and work harder.

    I give you my vote 100%. I really love your style

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