Jerry Gadd Art

Jerry Gadd Art

I studied and finished art with the LeMillet School of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and worked as an artist and illustrator for many years as and artist and illustrator, and am now retired from my job with the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland. I live in Westminster, which is several miles north of Baltimore Maryland, USA. I am able now to pursue my love for art and painting, both out door painting and in the studio.

I’m now able to pursue my love for drawing and painting, which is my passion in life. I am able to feel confident about my art and find venues for exhibiting my art. Although I’ve been working in art, with both drawing and painting for a long time, I still find that I want to learn more, with the freedom and proportional drawing that you can obtain from life, weather it’s figure drawing or landscape drawing or painting.

It takes me to a creative place that helps me feel fulfilled and happy. I want to learn how to create more dynamic and dimensional drawings and paintings.

I want to learn how light and shadow affect the object or subjects that I am drawing or painting., and how to see the effects they have

I think the Drawing Academy seems to offer what I am looking for. The personal instruction and videos that are needed for advancement and to learn more then I am able to do at this time. I still lack the needed confidence in my artwork.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course to help with the advancement that I’ve mentioned.

I think my art and the possibilities that I would have with the Drawing Academy course can be further advanced, and be fulfilled with the peoples votes. I would hope that people would see my desire and passion that I have through my artwork.

Jerry Gadd Art

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