Drawing by Lee

Drawing by Lee

Old, not Obsolete

I am a 16 year old girl, from the United Kingdom, who has been teaching herself to draw ever since the age of 8. Over the past 8 years I have done a range of different artworks, trying to find ways to better myself and improve as not only an artist but as an influencer, as artwork, no matter what kind, always has an influence.

My life revolves around art. I could wake up, and the intricate patterns of my bed sheets inspire me, I could go to school and see different faces— different energies— they inspire me. I create as I feel the inspiration, and since the inspiration is not short of everywhere I’m almost always creating something.

I struggle most in getting proportions as accurate as I can by only eye. It’s difficult for me to make things look even in this way, but if I take time I can sometimes make it work.

I want to learn techniques, and especially techniques used in history; it really intrigues me.

Drawing Academy seems amazing! I’ve watched almost all of the videos available on the YouTube channel, and I’ve filled up my A5 sketch book with practices. It has definitely had an impact.

I want to win the course because I’d like to see more, and learn more. I take Art for GCSE in school and I feel like there’s so much more to it than just looking and copying modern artists work. I’d like to know so much more and understand techniques that could help me further on.

I hope people would vote for me, as I am very passionate about this. I am extremely passionate about art, and this course would be perfect to help me step up my game in front of all of those in the art world.

Drawing by Lee

Thank you.
– Lee.

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