Invisible Stories

Invisible Stories

Story and artwork from Mehmet Dere

I often find it obscene for an artist to talk about himself. It is a strange contradiction for a person who is both a state of affairs to tell yourself about his art using everyday language. I have been dealing with painting for about 20 years. I can use a storyteller expression for myself. What are these stories? The things we collect. Every person accumulates their own stories. Some of the stories are usually shared, some are not, but mostly forgotten by most people. The act of collecting all is already a romantic thing some kind of escape. Where? The outside. Where? I would like to remind you of a famous saying by Julian Barnes. Art belongs to the creators and tasters of it.
I can say that my aim in this contest is to share rather than to win. My works have an emotional retreat, an effort to seek silence. You can see this tension on the form, because what I can’t say is more than what I say and what I can’t tell. Silence is a plural noise in this sense.

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