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In Search of my Master

In Search of my Master

Drawing by Sameeha Khaliq

I was a born artist and always wanted to go to an art school for a strong foundation but somehow I couldn’t get in there. But my passion for art couldn’t stop me at any point and brought me face-to-face with art while leaving my job and all mundane concerns behind.

I started from scratch, without any art tutor; needless to say it’s very intimidating. In start, I tried to learn all at once from a few online tutors. But I strongly felt a lack of structure in my art endeavor. Although there is good free online content but still I felt something is missing there. Consequently, instead of working on basic drawing skills I directly ventured for a human anatomy and portrait likeness which proved a severe mistake and waste of my time later. This strongly compelled me to get enrolled in some regular classes. But due to some financial issues I couldn’t. I never wanted to be a human photocopier so left the blind drawing for a while and started observing around. Drawing from observation seems valuable than copying from photo. I go outdoor and make many value sketches.

Now, that I’m strengthening my foundation to grow this seed that has been yearning to become a large blooming tree like the one I painted. Two years ago I learned about this complementary course. In fact this is the kind of foundation and structure I always longed to have but couldn’t find any of my art pieces valuable to send in. Now after hard work of two years I felt little confident to send in. I hope Drawing Academy course will provide me a great foundation to improve my drawing and painting skill set.

Sameeha Khaliq

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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  1. Anwar says:

    Wowww Amazing art work. I just love the eyes and the beautiful feminine expression . The artist has true potential to win the complitition.

  2. Rukham says:

    Waow what an amazing piece of art. Loving the concept and depth of sketch. Hoping to see you winning this competition. Good work keep it up

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