I want to draw portraits

I want to draw portraits

Story from James Walker

I have worked in the computer field, creating and testing systems. Now I have the time to do the things I was too busy in my working life to really pursue. I’ve been taking drawing lessons from books and the internet to improve my painting. I have traveled extensively to visit all the historical places that I read about.

I loved art as a child and continued into my early 20s, then life changed. Job and family took over. I have never been to a school of art or had any formal training but for me it is the love of creating something for others to enjoy that I get a thrill from. I try to draw daily and often I watch videos of all sorts, drawing, painting, pastels etc. This is what I want for the rest of my life!

Somehow I couldn’t get into some art school for strong foundation which left me disturbed for long. But now I have given up my boring job and all mundane concerns only to be full time art student. For I believe without dedication one can’t achieve anything in life. But as I started doing on my own, I felt a missing building block and a lack of structure. Not to mention, there is so much available online for free. But I want a course that is structure primarily for self taught or say beginnings to intermediate level artists. I decided to try my hand at drawing at that time and instantly became hooked and wanted to improve my skills. I’ve enrolled in many online courses over the last five years. I’ve been collecting (and reading) many books especially those that teach the atelier method and my skills have grown considerably as a result. I’m still seeking knowledge in drawing as I’d love to one day have enough skills to teach others and perhaps instill in them the passion for drawing that I have found. I feel like I could learn more. I would have enrolled in the Drawing Academy sooner if I had come across it earlier.

I am very desirous of being able to draw portraits. I would like to learn to paint in oils, but without instruction, I fear I would be unable to produce anything except a mess. I have no wish to make a career of fine art, but I have always been of the opinion that drawing well and correctly requires instruction, and it is a skillset that can be broken into steps, like anything else. My logic is that too many people develop a high level of skill for it to be dependent on inborn talent. I want to draw (and eventually paint) portraits that can be recognized, even by people who are not in my family and do not praise my work because they love me!

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