I take art seriously

I take art seriously

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Artwork and story from Myra Saleemi

I’ve always loved art as a kid and even now as I’m old. I go to a small relatively unknown school which doesn’t centre around arts in the slightest. My school is very academic focused and does not cater to those who are more creative. So as I have been in this school my whole life I have not had access to a good art education.

I am completely self taught and art plays a huge role in my life. Every time my life began to fall apart art was the one thing that remained consistent.

Recently my little brother was suddenly admitted to the hospital and went into a long coma that lasted months, during that time art was an escape for me. I would loose track of time and completely immerse myself in art in hopes of forgetting my worries. So art is something that I have always turned to. I honestly thought that I was improving a lot at art, until I came across one of your videos.

How to assess you drawing skills” – that video completely changed the way I looked at art. Before I was mainly just looking at photos and copying them skipping every key skill I needed. In that video you almost exactly described what it was like for me, I knew my art was off but I wasn’t able to put my finger on where. And it made me want to learn from the beginning, to learn every skill that I missed.

Despite looking at other channels and courses I’ve found that none of them resonate with me as much as your course. So I am hoping that if I can win this contest I will finally have the chance that I’ve never had before to take art seriously.

I take art seriously

I take art seriously

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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