I love drawing

I love drawing

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Artwork and story from Whyt Tiger


My story starts in 2017 when I fell in love with drawing. I was so excited, but I didn’t know anything about drawing. I swore that even if I have to sacrifice my life just to learn drawing I will and I must. So every night when we were in school and others slept I practiced and every afternoon when they played sports I was there practicing. But it didn’t stop there, exams would reach and I would still make out time to practice and immediately the exams ended I practiced again and again. Years have gone by, but I still wasn’t good enough. I wasted so much time on YouTube to learn drawing but I felt like I was mislead this entire time. I spent every ounce of data to read how to draw books but they were to complex for a dumb person like me to understand. At the end of it all I failed so bad that I had to repeat an academic year in school because I still loved drawing. Countless insults from parents, teachers and friends. But I still drew. Even when I was depressed I tried to draw to keep me mentally stable but it made me more empty inside and angry. After all these years I ask my self what have I gained. Just insults and little drawing skills. My graduation I was supposed to be the best in art but we were judged based on how much we knew about art rather than the actual practice. So as I watched them hand over a cheque to the best in art I cry every night and ask why I still draw or live. I still have the spirit that’s why I try to draw Manga but there is little hope. I even started a YouTube channel under the name whyt tiger were I post animations but I only have one like and that’s by me. All that and am still not good enough in drawing. All I know is to cover my mistakes with manageable shading. All these times I didn’t even have a proper equipment just any book cover and pen. But I still drew for my classmates so they can still have love for drawing. Some would bring their books for me to draw and I would do it sometimes it takes hours and I don’t even charge them any money and when they say wisdom you very stupid for not charging money I would say it’s all for the fun not gain.i love when they smile at my drawings I love the joy it brings. Just this once please let it just go my way please cause I don’t think I can continue. I have almost lost hope in learning to draw. I hope one day I can change the world with just pen and paper to be as powerful as my imagination. Please vote for me so I can achieve my dreams please.

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  1. Jacob says:

    How did it go? How are you doing now. Also I would like to see your art now. Hope you succeeded in your art journey.

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