I create, therefore I am

I create, therefore I am

Artwork by Rena

2014-11-08_545da5e8eb6a9_photo29.jpgHaving recommenced drawing after 30 years of ‘silence’, on a day I got laid off, I could no longer deny the need for creative self-expression. I’m fascinated by a human body, it’s universal anatomy, and at the same time that unique detail that makes every person unlike any other.

To me art is a possibility, a privilege of trying to capture a temporary nature of life and seek understanding.

I choose to upload the first work I ever done in oil – copy of Michelangelo’s fragment from Sistine Chapel. It gives me immense hope to believe that, having enough patience and constant practice, these classical techniques could be learnt and applied with such perfection.

I’m looking forward to this journey!

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