Horse – Pen Drawing

Horse – Pen Drawing

Drawing in ball pen by Maila

Horse - Pen Drawing

Good Day!

I’m from Philippines. When I was young I really liked to draw and I wanted to become a famous artist.

For drawing, I always used a ball pen because I had no money to buy art materials. Anyway, I enjoyed to draw in ball pen.

After my High School I went working to support my Family and put aside my childhood dreams…

Fast forward 30 years, this is the birthday gift to my fiancĂ©e. I had no money at a time to buy him a present, that’s why I drew a horse because he likes horses.

Hope you like my drawing and thank you very much for your support. God bless

Thank you again,

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  1. Norionview says:

    I think this person is worthy of a scholarship. She has talent even though she has minimal tools. I think a scholarship for Maila would be appropriate.

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