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Graphite drawing by Marco Cardona

Graphite drawing by Marco Cardona

Hello my name is Marco Cardona, I am 34 years old, I live in Guatemala, since I was a child I liked to draw, I started drawing the cartoons I saw and as an adult I began the interest in fine arts or traditional or academic drawing.

Art in general for me has become very important in my life and helps me to capture on a canvas or paper, what I see or what I imagine and put a part of me in every artwork I do.

In my years of study I managed to get certified in digital painting, oil painting certificate at the national school of plastic arts, also I participated in several outdoor painting events, collective exhibitions, and organized events for children related to drawing and painting, participated in several collective exhibitions and I am currently studying for a certificate in visual arts at the school of visual arts.

My goal is to learn the academic or traditional drawing, since it is what I have been most passionate about.

Drawing Academy is an excellent platform to study traditional or academic drawing, improve our understanding in the management of the vanishing point for drawings that require objects, buildings, etc. and improve and learn a better management of the human figure, to better understand the artistic anatomy, which will help us to be better artists.

I want to win the course to improve as an artist and take advantage of all the knowledge that will be delivered to me in each lesson.

In Guatemala there are very few places to study academic or traditional drawing and for me it would be a great support in my development as an artist to obtain the award that is the complete course.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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