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From rags to artist!

From rags to artist!

Story and artwork from ANGELIQUE STEFAN

My name is Angelique Stefan. I am a self taught artist that is eager to advance and learn more. Art is a dream coming from a young woman who was raised in an impoverished environment. To be able to make a living off of it one day would be a life mission I would love to accomplish. For many years I had a responsibility to take care of 3 sick family members who now have all died. This limited me to excel in traveling and to attend further education. As well as fostering a niece full time who then truly needed it.

I want to learn the true geometry of art. How to create proper proportions and learn how to be a canvas painter. I think the Drawing Academy is an amazing program that give artists like me a second chance at life. Feeling like its not too late and there still is hope to realize a dream.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course because this opportunity will help me excel in the areas of my life that had a void when understanding art. Receiving votes will help me achieve this goal as well as knowing people still believe in me.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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    • SallyThatGirl says:

      Voting for my girl Angie! She truly deserves this! Her heart and souullll goes into everything she does!!!

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