Expressing myself through digital art

Expressing myself through art

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Digital artwork and story from Norman Collins

I’ve been interested in expressing myself through art for as long as I can remember. I have been trying to draw portraits of people for many years and I now decided that I want dedicate more to this skill that I find very rewarding.

I have a very busy life where most of my time is taken up by a rigid job. Drawing allows me to tell my story. I have always been passionate about art since I was little. My dream was and is always to become a professional artist. I followed a couple of years of children art classes when I was little but nothing substantial.

Recently, I bought a drawing tablet and I’ve begun sketching digitally. Sometimes I’ll sit down to sketch after dinner, and suddenly I realize that I’d been at it all night. It’s an amazing feeling to sketch.

I want to change my career and become a concept artist but a bit different from the ones that are used today. I don’t think I will be able to draw at high levels but If i could draw rough quick sketches with a likeness of my subject, I will be very happy. People come to concept artists to have them draw their ideas swiftly and constantly. I want to draw my ideas for others to understand, enjoy, and build from. It might be a bit of a pipe dream but I’d like to see my ideas, stories, and concepts come to paper at least. I am not attracted to the vintage style of drawing. I would like my drawings to be raw and rough but capture the essence of my subject. Still I am not confident enough to draw because there are so many artists to learn from.

I have been looking for a tutor for years with no luck. That is why I decided to enlroll at Drawing Academy. Now I have a bit of time in life so I want to pursue my dream. So I am seeking for more intensive training in art. Please help me to become a better artist.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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