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Experience and Contributions to the Arts and Performing Arts

Experience and Contributions to the Arts and Performing Arts

Story and artwork from Hollie

I have been an artist for most of my life.

In high school I was invited to be in the advanced art classes, where I learned drawing, sculpture, pottery, painting, mediums such as pastel and charcoal, colored pencil art, print making, and figure drawing.

I also won a local art competition.

I have children and teach them art.

I have taught art classes for children and teens.

I have gone to art school at a college and a university. I have studied a variety of skills in school and independently. These studies include fine art, sewing, pattern making, embroidery, fashion design, fashion illustration, book making, paper making, mixed media art, print making, digital art, and illustration. I have also learned some animation.

Even though I have studied at these schools, and I find other resources to learn from, I would like further instruction in art methods that these other resources do not teach. This is the way for me to make progress in my work at this time.

I would like learn more fundamental and advanced knowledge of composition, design, drawing and painting.

I aspire to use what I learn to become more skilled, and make high quality works of art. I have some plans for my work that I would like to pursue in the near future.

I have searched for classes and have found that this Old Masters Academy will help me with what I need to continue my education.

I would appreciate your support in helping me to enroll in these classes, and further my education in the arts.

This will also assist me to continue supporting other arts endeavors, as my family has been in the performing arts for years. We have participated in dance performances and competitions, theater and musical theater, singing, choir, piano music, performances at major theaters and venues in the local area, as well as at a theme park in California. I have been an assistant, a teacher, a back stage helper, and had several other jobs. Much of it was volunteer or for trade. All of these take time and resources. I would like to help support my family and our fellow performing artists in continuing these activities, which enhance the community where we live as well as any place we are able to participate in the arts. I can do this in part by using my skills for professional work and an art career. I would also like to illustrate for books.

Thank you for considering voting for my work, so that I can continue my progress on a more professional level, and continue to support beneficial community activities, as well as art and performing arts programs for children, youth, and adults.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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